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Komal Singh

Hey all, welcome to my world. This is Komal elite Delhi escort at your service. Want to know more about me? Reach out to my website and my profile. Just a click and you will have all information on me. Well I am Komal an elite Delhi escort from Bombay. Good looking, dynamic, smart, and intelligent- this is what describes me better. I am 5 feet 7 inches long and weigh about 50 kg. Hour glass figure with the sexiest boobs and a fair complexion that is what I am all about. I have straight and silky hair just above my waist line. I am well educated and well mannered girl born and brought up in a middle class family.

Basically I am a air hostess by profession. I choose escorting as my part time profession out of sheer fun and the extra income that I can earn out of it. I like to live my life to the fullest and live every moment of my life happily. I love wearing branded clothes and love to pamper myself. To support my life style I need an extra income, which as an elite Delhi escort I am able to make. I love to be in this business and would love to make this as my full time profession.

As an elite Delhi escort girl I offer my services to the elite class of the society. Vips and hi profile people from different genres of life are my clients. My services are on hourly basis. I also have different packages with a time frame of 5 hours. If you want me to stay with you after the time limit then you will have to pay extra for that. I like to get intimate with clients. I am well versed in all sexual positions and wont mind experimenting different and new positions to satisfy my clients. I am good at blowjob, hand relief. I am also good at erotic dance moves and massages. But I will make sure that my client gets all due attention and his satisfaction is my ultimate aim. From my part I would demand the use of condoms if we plan to go intimate on bed. If you prefer me to wear any special dress you are always welcome to bring it along with you.

For me escorting not just a way of life, its an ultimate place to show my feminist to a man who respects women. I love to get pampered and go wild with any man. Escorting is an art through which I can give a man all attention and due respect he desires. Every individual needs a time for himself. This is the time when we want to be all alone or be in the company of someone who can ease your tension and make you wild and happy. I promise I can give you the happiest time. No matter if you are young or old I can give you a perfect ejaculation by my escort services in Delhi for you.

So it is up to you to decide what to do with me within the four hours of my time with you. If you want me to go out on a date with me then you have all the freedom to take me out, go for a long drive or a sexy sun bath or at dinner at a place of your choice. If you want me to relax you with my massages then dont hesitate. I can give you the best aroma treat. Or if you are just interested in blowjob then I can make you go wild with your penis in my mouth.

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